Blue "Green Heart of the Finger Lakes" Onesie

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The whole idea is very simple and is built on three basic elements� The shape of the heart, a shape known to represent love and endearment for something or someone. The color Green, is the color of hope, life, renewal, nature, and energy, associated with growth, harmony and environment. The color Blue is the color of the sky and sea, associated with depth and stability. So the Green Heart of the Finger Lakes is a clear representation of the obvious love for our gorgeous Finger Lakes Region with its rolling hills harboring 11 glacial lakes formed millions of years ago, creating this unique pattern of fingers spanning the countryside. If that wasn�t enough�, as man stepped in to better navigate this natural wonder, an unplanned uniqueness began to take shape with every major highway built to the north, east and west of the Finger Lakes Region. Step back for a second as you study a map of the Finger Lakes Region to plan your next adventure. With a keen eye, open heart and an ounce of imagination, you�ll quickly recognize the outline of a heart surrounding this wonderful piece of nature. History knows that these were once natural paths beaten by the hooves of deer and the moccasin of our native brothers living here long before our European ancestors arrived. 100% pre-shrunk cotton, unisex

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