One-stop shopping for everything that makes Ithaca & the Finger Lakes so incredibly special!

If you have ever visited the Finger Lakes area, or perhaps love it so much you have made it your home (or love it so much because it has always been your home!), you know how unique it is, and Sunny Days of Ithaca is a space that brings together all its beautiful elements - from the breathtaking natural environment to the spirit and creativity of its people.

We are a brick and mortar store in Ithaca, NY but we now offer an online experience so you can conveniently shop from home. Our inventory changes often so check back or come visit us in Ithaca!

(Note: for those who have visited our shop, you'll notice we haven't brought the whole store online - instead we are focusing mainly on local and regional items. If you want to shop our ENTIRE collection but can't get to the store, contact us to set up a personal FaceTime shopping session!)