Child Cloth Mask


  • $9.99

NOTE: This is a handrafted item and we cannot guarantee the exact one you will get. If you have a request, please note this when you order, but only make the purchase if you will be happy with what you get (which may not be in the current picture since it's always changing!). Thank you for your understanding about this! Your mask was created by a local maker named Rebecca, who lives with her husband and kids just outside of Ithaca. Rebecca, a high school PE teacher by day, has been working tirelessly to produce masks for donation to organizations in need. She does this because �sanity sewing� is helping her, but also because she is just an awesome human who is using her mad sewing skills and creativity to make mask wearing fun! Adjustable ear loops Filter pocket (filter not included) Machine or hand wash (hot water & soap for at least 20 seconds, just like washing your hands!) Masks with lettering should NOT be put in dryer (masks without lettering can be laundered as usual with regular clothes)