Surrounded By Reality, 101 Things You Didn't Know About Ithaca, NY (But Are About To Find Out)

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There is a popular bumper sticker in this Upstate New York town that reads, Ithaca: 10 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality. The sentiment surely has something to do with the compelling history, eccentric characters, and quirky charm of this intellectually advantaged, culturally progressive, geographically isolated place. After you've browsed through this updated edition of a local classic, you will better understand the bumper sticker's message - Ithaca is almost too good to be true. Fascinating tidbits and trivia in purposely random sequence (with generous cross-references) create a ready-to-explore trail of knowledge about Ithaca and its environs, informing and entertaining, correcting myths and misconceptions, mostly revealing an unexpected treasure trove that brings a culture and a place into sharp focus.