4pc Italian Sunshine Bath Fizzies

  • $7.99

7 ounce package of 4. (One fizzy per bath is usually enough. You can use more, of course. You wild thing, you!) Scented with Italian bergamot and herbaceous essential oils, the scent is a favorite among Avital's fans. It's bright and cheerful. Just what you need in the depths of winter! Every fizzy contains aloe extract, great for keeping skin happy through the cold, dry winter months. There's also just enough mango butter to keep your skin from drying out in a hot bath, without turning the tub into an oil slick. Still! Be careful getting in and out of the tub! It could be slippery! Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, organic sunflower oil, mango butter, honey, aloe vera extract, essential oil